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Pako, the funny backpack


Publicated on : 14/06/2017


This is Pako, the mascot of the Sites et Paysages campsites.

Pako is a very crafty and mischievous character. He hides many treasures and tools in his bag... He is very curious and has the soul of a true adventurer! His mischievousness and creative spirit allow him to find all kinds of ideas and solutions, he is the ideal friend to play with in the countryside!

This year, Pako will make a tour of the campsites. Find him in 9 campsites of the network.

Sites et Paysages La Torche
Sites et Paysages Domaine de l'Etang de Bazange
Sites et Paysages Les Pastourels
Sites et Paysages Le Moulin de Sainte Anne
Sites et Paysages Le Petit Bois
Sites et Paysages La Colombière
Sites et Paysages Beauregard
Sites et Paysages Au Bois Joli
Sites et Paysages Aramis

He will accompany you throughout your trip for the enjoyment of both young and old. Don't hesitate to talk to him and take a photo, he is very friendly and loves to meet people!

Were you unable to meet Pako? Did you meet him but would like to be able to slip him discreetly into your suitcase? If not in person, find Pako at all the Sites et Paysages campsites in different forms: soft toys, games booklets, Happy Families card decks, stickers and place mats.


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