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Connected with nature

Fifty-four 3 to 5 star campsites nestled in the most beautiful regions of France, where you can reconnect with nature and meet people who are passionate about their regions. A unique experience to have great memories.

A meeting with the owner, a place and the locals

Participatory camping at the heart of nature

  • Nature Campsites where you will share authentic exchanges with the owners
  • Owners -Ambassadors of their area and involved in local life.
  • Personalised offers to discover local treasures and heritage
  • Entertainment thought by passionate owners and in link with the specificities of the local area.

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  1. Mobil Home 27m² Super Mercure 2 Bedrooms
    From 07/09/2016 until 14/09/2016
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  2. Lodge Canadienne PMR
    From 11/09/2016 until 18/09/2016
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  3. ROULOTTE HOTELIERE (without kitchen)
    From 10/10/2016 until 14/10/2016
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  1. Cottage Confort OLIVIER 3 bedroom air -conditioning
    From 10/09/2016 until 17/09/2016
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  2. Mobil -Wood 3 chambres
    From 03/09/2016 until 10/09/2016
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