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Welcome to our campsites
in the South-East:
Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur


Our campsites
in the South-East

Sites et Paysages Les Prairies


Sites et Paysages De Vaubarlet


Sites & Paysages L'Orée de Provence


Sites et Paysages Le Petit Liou


Sites et Paysages La Source du Jabron


Sites et Paysages Tartarin


Sites et Paysages Les Pinèdes






Provence and Méditerranée


Close your eyes and listen to the singing crickets! Enjoy the smell of the shrubs heated by the southern sun! Yes, indeed, this is the Mediterranean Sea, "la grande bleue", that makes you dream because of its beautiful coastal climate.


Arriving in the Rhône valley, in the direction of the Drôme and the Ardèche, the deep blue colours of the first lavender fields give you the immediate feeling of being in the south of France. The singing crickets emphasise this feeling. Those who only want to enjoy some sunshine will really enjoy staying here. But they’ll miss learning about a fascinating world full of Roman culture and various regions. In the Roussillon, in Catalonia, where the border between France and Spain is actually not very clear, you’ll find a particular and independent culture. In the Languedoc, land and sea are brought together by a range of beautiful coastal lakes and in the Provence, the Alps are brought towards the coast that is formed by capes, bays and peninsulas. And even though the coast is very beautiful, the up-country, a little more discrete but authentic, is certainly worth a visit.


Vineyards in the Var

At Le Moulin de Sainte-Anne, near the old medieval town of Carcassonne and at La Pinède, near Narbonne, discover the Cathar castles and vineyards of the Minervois.


Plateau de Valensole

On Pinèdes in La Colle sur le Loup near Nice, on campsite Gorges du Verdon in Castellane you’ll quickly understand why this sunny side of the Alps always attracts tourists from all around the world.



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