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Welcome to our campsites
of the North-East

Alsace-Lorraine, Burgundy and Rhône Alpes


Our campsites
in the North-East:

Sites et Paysages La Marette


Sites et Paysages La Colombière


Sites et Paysages Le Petit Bois


Sites et Paysages Au Clos de la Chaume


Sites et Paysages Le Village des Meuniers


Sites et Paysages Le Vaugrais


Sites et Paysages Bel' Epoque du Pilat


Sites et Paysages Kanopée Village


Sites et Paysages Beauregard


Sites et Paysages Belle Roche


Sites et Paysages Au Bois Joli


Sites et Paysages A la Rencontre du Soleil


Sites et Paysages De Martinière






From the Vosges mountains to the Alps


Why would you not go out to discover the part of France that has always seemed to be hidden? The part of France you’ll find by leaving the motorway. Saunter from the Lorraine to the Dauphiné, and admire the beautiful mountain landscapes. Discover for example the lakes and forests of the Vosges mountains, or the Alsace lowlands with its famous wine route and flowery villages.


When going further on to the south, you can discover the Morvan in the heart of the Bourgogne, where Gallic fortified towns used to reign, and where Paris gets its water. Then, you’ll arrive in the Auvergne, a spacious region with peaceful landscapes that were surprisingly formed by volcano eruptions.


Le Clos de la Chaume is situated in Corcieux, close to the tourist sites of the Vosges, and is the perfect campsite if you want to discover the Alsace, the Vosges mountains and the Lorraine.


The Massif Central provides water to France and is orientated towards the Atlantic Coast as well as the Mediterranean Sea.


Le Bel Époque du Pilat, nearer to Saint Etienne, is situated a little closer to the Rhône valley, while the campsites of the Ardèche are oriented towards the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll find le Petit Bois at the Ardèche riverbanks, or nearby, against the hills of the Massif du Tanargue, you’ll find la Marette.


La Drôme

At the foot of the Alps and near the Rhône river, le Vaugrais in Artemare allows you to discover the gorges de l’Ain, while La Colombière near Geneva is the ideal stopover before entering Switzerland. After the Savoie you’ll arrive in the Dauphiné with the more than 4000m high massif de l’Oisans. The massif can be discovered from the campsite of Bourg d’Oisans, A la rencontre du soleil. In the massif de la Chartreuse nearby, known for its beautiful forests, camping la Martinière is worth a visit. On the way to the south from Grenoble, le Belleroche in Lalley is situated half way between the Vercors and the Ecrins park in a typical Alp environment.


In a natural green setting, between lavender and mountain discover campsite la Source du Jabron in Drôme Provençale.



Lac d’Annecy

But if you like mountains…



You should definitely visit the Alps, the roof of Europe. Just to admire the mountains, or why not climb them… maybe even to the top? The mineral environment of the rocky mountain tops and the icey environment are in contrast with the peaceful setting of the valleys and the grass-land of the Alps where you can taste wonderful cheeses.



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